The Premier Gives Back Foundation
Application for Assistance


General Information

The Premier Gives Back Foundation was established to assist families in the communities Premier manages by providing meals and gifts for families in need during the holidays; maintenance assistance of an elderly or sick home owner; or by paying the utility bills for those in danger of losing service as well as provide support and assistance to other approved charities. 

Please note that the Premier Gives Back Foundation is not intended for financial assistance for aesthetic or cosmetic items from violation notices, but upon request will be happy to coordinate volunteer time and labor. 

Applications for assistance may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the Foundation Board of Directors at the Board’s meeting.

Applications can either be filled out here, or you can mail us the following PDF file: PGB Application


Eligibility Requirements

Who is eligible for assistance?

  • Applicants may be asked to submit documentation verification from the organization you are requesting assistance for. 
  • Applicants must also demonstrate financial or personal assistance need and must submit documentation to substantiate need. This documentation must verify that the requested funding and/or assistance are needed. 
  • Payment will only be made to acceptable vendors or other third party recipient.
  • Payment WILL NOT be made to the individual receiving benefits.

 General Funding Guidelines

These are the guidelines the Foundation uses to select, prioritize and review funding requests. Please read to see if your request fits.

  • The Foundation is not a permanent source of funding. We encourage you to develop a plan for how you will be able to meet your long-term needs.
  • Funding will be distributed to those who are most in need. Requests for funding are assessed according to criteria set forth in the Foundation's Policies, including potential to benefit, need for support, and personal and outside resources available.
  • All distributions are subject to the availability of funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist those who are interested in applying for financial assistance, the following questions may help you decide whether to apply and what you can expect if you apply.

 1 > Can an individual apply directly to the Foundation for financial assistance?

Yes, you may apply directly. Anyone interested in receiving financial assistance must fill out an application and submit it and other required documents to the Foundation.

 2 > Is there a deadline to submit the application?

No.  Applications are taken on an on-going basis. However, decisions about funding are made at meetings of the Foundation Board of Directors.

3 > How long will it take to review my application?

If your application is complete, we anticipate that this process will no more than two weeks from the date of receipt of your application. If your application is incomplete, it may be necessary to contact you to gather additional information, which may delay this process.  

4 > If I am approved for assistance, when will I receive the funds?

Once you have been approved for funding, you will need to complete some additional paperwork and send it back to us. The paperwork indicates the provider you have chosen and the specifics of the good or service to be provided. The provider will then receive an authorization to provide the good or service. The provider must submit an invoice to us for the good or service rendered. Upon receipt, it will take approximately 7 to 10 days to issue a check for the funds. The length of the process will depend on how quickly the paperwork is returned to us, and how quickly you and the provider you've chosen are able to coordinate.

5 > Will the check be made out to me or to the provider?

Unless otherwise approved by the Foundation Board, the check will be made out to the provider. Should you receive the funding directly, you will need to determine the legal effects of receipt of financial assistance from the Foundation on other benefits.

A. By submitting below, I certify that: I have read and understand the Criteria and Guidelines set by The Premier Gives Back Foundation Committee. I have provided truthful, complete and accurate information on this applicant, and I have exhausted all other insurance and governmental funding sources before applying to TPGBF Committee

B. I represent and assure the Committee that, if I am granted an award, I will: Use the funds for the purpose state in this application; and promptly report in writing the TPGBF any change in the availability of Insurance and Governmental Funding sources that may affect my eligibility for funds.

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and ability, the information included in the application is accurate as of the date submitted.

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