Accounting-Only Solutions Complete Association Financial Services

Designed specifically for small and/or self-managed Associations!

Let us help you save time and keep your receivables low while ensuring your community remains compliant with all state and federal laws. You can’t beat the quality or affordable price of Premier’s Accounting-Only Solution.

Monthly reporting is made seamless. We reduce the effort required to manage your association by facilitating the CPA’s annual financial review process and tax return preparation. Our financial reports are clear, easy-to-read and understand, and provide all the information the Board will require to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Account collections are reduced through timely homeowner billing statements, as well as convenient and secure lock-box and “Auto-Pay” services to quickly and efficiently process owner payments. Delinquencies can cripple the Association’s budget and their ability to maintain the beauty and integrity of the community. With a superior track record for significantly increasing the assessment collection percentage for our clients, Premier’s in-house collections department continuously monitors delinquencies and proactively pursues past due assessments.

From generating monthly delinquency reports, to working with homeowners on payment plan agreements, to filing the necessary liens on delinquent accounts, Premier aggressively follows the association’s collection policy to ensure the most effective and timely collection of delinquent accounts.

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